Entertainment Time

Every second, there is one new Naija artist coming out or the other, so I've dedicated this post to some new ones I have recently discovered but before that, a few randoms:

I got this in a forward, I thought I had time on my hands, but I guess there will always be people with more time e.g. the "Mallam We Love Your Suya" artist - anyway this pic is quite amusing: An underground tube map of parts of Lagos Island hehe coming soon to a subway near you, it's funny though. (Click to enlarge)

Actually just read at the bottom - Jeremy Weate, the designer is a fellow Naija blogger and this was a project of his. Well done, it makes sense sha.....if only I could get from Ojuelegba to the Palms that easy!

Then, a report shows that 67% of Nigerians are satisfied (wink wink) and apparently we are the world's most satisfied lovers - read here. I sorta believe, there is so much infidelity how won't they be satisfied? Hehe....

Okay check out these Naija artistes:

Janelia - Afrobeat and contemporary reggae singer/songwriter.
Website - http://www.janeliasoul.com/
MySpace -
Song -

Fishe - Warri-bred, U.S-based rapper.

Website - http://www.fishe.us/

MySpace -

Song -

Baba - rapper

Website - http://www.d4w-ent.com/

MySpace -

Song - on iTunes

Four Kornerz - the best Nigerian Soul/Blues-Gospel band ever
Website -
click on pic
MySpace -
www.myspace.com/fourkornerz Songs - on iTunes

Events this weekend

It's July 4th weekend as well as the weekend of the
Nigerian Reunion and there are a few Naija acts performing in Yankee. See flyers below:

Eldee in Texas (July 6th)

D'banj in DC/Maryland (July 5th-July 7th)

Lastly, watch out for the Naija Times Magazine:

Have a good weekend and see you soon!


Inuke Omotola Davis said...

Congrats on the feature in true Love.
I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

hehe so many new acts, loving the sounds of 4kornerz....

and @ Naijas being the most satisfied lol

nice one

TMinx said...

Mona is on fire lol! I have to put up that undeground picture, I think its great!

Uzo said...

Will you be able to make it for the This Day Music festival....I hear there is a special suprise act being planned to be added to the bill and this artist's name starts with D...LOL

Aramide said...

i know i heardddddddddddddd!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mona thanks for the events list! the naija times magazine looks nice how do i get a copy? also stop by sometime my blog has a new look:)

Anonymous said...

nice blog

Mari said...

hahaha, thats an interesting article.

Anonymous said...

whenever una hear say p-square dey yankee make una holla at ya sister.