Mona's Miscellany of Items!

LOL what a very razz post title...let's just say I didn't know what to call this post, it's a mixture of What's Ons and Check Outs. In no particular order I bring you:

(I) London Premier of The Widow

Premiers of this Kingsley Ogoro Nollywood blockbuster have been held in Lagos, Maryland and Abuja. Now, they are bringing it to The Broadway Theatre in Catford, London this Saturday - 4th November from 4pm. It also consists of a concert starring Styl-Plus, Sunny Nneji, Segun Arinze and Angelica (My Naija Guy - see Bella's post). I believe it is worth attending. Check out the theatre details for more info.

(II) Check out Laspapi's blog for details of Molara Wood's Writers' Best Books of 2006 (deadline - Friday, 3rd Nov)

(III) The Last King of Scotland....................In 1979, Idi Amin was responsible for the murders of 300,000 of his Ugandan country men.

This Blockbuster Movie about Idi Amin is coming to our cinemas soon and looks like it's going to be a hit. Watch the preview here


First we had:

  • Hollywood and Nigeria brought us Nollywood! Then we had -
  • Hi5 and Nigerians brought us Naija5! Then we had -
  • Ebay and Nigerians brought us NigBay!

LOL check out the websites, we have no shame oh! (proudly nigerian). Anyways most Nigerian websites are now carrying the "Proudly Nigerian" symbol and I will be putting up a post on it soon xxx


Dimples said...

Yes o...Nothing de happen....PROUD TO BE NAIJA...
I can't wait to watch "The Widow" the hype has just been to much...know a few peeps that have watched they all say it's very bunz...apparently portrays Stella Damasus’s life after her husband Jaiye died…but anyways moving on…na dem know.
Yeah man seen the trailer for “The Last King of Scotland”…nice nice…saw what’s his face???... on Oprah talking about the film..and I can’t wait to make “Orange Wednesday” a reality (only we Jand peeps will understand)…lol
NigBay???are u having a laugh???
Anyways off to lunch now…to all have a FAB day.

Ms. May said...

Wow...didn't even realize that Nollywood website existed. Yesterday a US fan of Naija movies asked me where he could get authentic Naija movies and I didn't know so this is good to know. Do you know if there are any Naija movie rental places similar to Blockbuster, for example, wither in the UK or the US?

Bella Naija said...

Mona....u always bring the heat
I had never heard of Nigbay....i need to check it out
I am proud of my Nigerian people...doing big things!

Aramide said...

@ ms. may there are loads...will holler on ur blog xx

Mari said...

So mona will be going to the premier of the widow? I bet you will.

Last king of Scotland is out here but I dont think I'll be seeing it until it gets out on DVD. Number one reason is that I dont believe they can remake a classic any better. Im talking about Rise and Fall of Idi Amin (1981).

I heard about a few of these websites esp the nigbay but how much would u trust these sites esp wit ure credit cards.

Anonymous said...

Pls visit and sign the online petition against the Nigerian Aviation Minister.


NaijaBloke said...

Afi nigbay nah ...

NaijaBloke said...

Abeg if sabi those ppl wey dey run that ..tell them say that site is going bonkers o.. cant log in, cant contact them ..cant do anything on the site

low said...


Mari said...


Mona...update!!! :)

Aramide said...