Tales from the Crypt

And now, a variety of Nigerian news headlines, most are really outdated considering there is always new news but click whichever you fancy:

1. Nigerian women want randy Indian’s head

2. Thousands Feared Born In Nigerian Population Explosion (Funny)

3. Woman bites off Man's genitals

4. Boy,18, kills two-year-old cousin for rituals

5. Five Shell Workers Killed In Nigeria

6. Transcorp Scandal: Obasanjo Got 600 Million Shares, Atiku Declined Offer!

7. HIV infected baby: Dad salutes FG over LUTH CMD sack

8. Two More Foreign Workers Kidnapped!

And if you're not really into all that Naija news and politics is not really your thing, the following comic strip is the best way to understand the politics in Nigeria at the moment hehehe...I got it off Aderemi's notebook from Nairaland.com it's very very very funny!

'Skentele' President 2007: A Comic Strip - click to view strip and click on the pics on the right in Flickr to enlarge!


NaijaBloke said...

Mona thanks a lot for all the info u just gave.

Anonymous said...

Awwww... that's cute.. and funny too

Aramide said...

cheers peeps ;o)

Anonymous said...

ha! thats a lot of diverse info... thanks for sharing :)

have a fab weekend!

Aramide said...

Yea the comic strip is really funny