Naijastyle (Part 2)

So where did I stop? Fashion passes but style remains.......

I'm back to the second half of my top 10 Most Powerful People in Nigeria's All-Round Fashion Industry.

6. Odio Oseni of Odio Mimonet

For someone who does not advertise in the magazines or newspapers or fashion shhows and has hardly any resources and/or information on the web apart from the St. Moritz exhibition held 3 years ago, it is quite interesting to see she is one of the most popular designers. She has a serious and well-organised management style which in turn led to perfection, as it were.

Odio Oseni is a very influential fashion designer in Nigeria who has dressed the likes of the many guests at the Genevieve Pink Ball, Florence Ita-Giwa and many other enviable dressers.

From the older icons to the younger wannabes, an item from Odio Mimonet is a must-have. Her pull-factor is that in spite of appearing in only one show fashionistas still eat from her well-laid banquet table.

Address: Odio Mimonet, Sanusi Fafunwa, Victoria Island, Lagos.

7. Adebayo Jones of Adebayo Jones

He is actually London-based and moved to England in the '80s where he worked tirelessly for Erelu Abiola Dosunmu when she ran a boutique on Bond Street in London.

He has a somewhat clean, cut taste and primarily specialised in bridal and elegant evening wear. As one of the pioneering African designers in Europe, he has somewhat made a 'celeb' of himself but is at the same time available for consultations and works with each customer reflecting his before and after-sales services.

He has also contributed a lot to the Nigerian Fashion Industry as well and had exhibitions at the St. Moritz Show and the ThisDay Style Weekend. His pull factor is his consistency and the individuality reflected in all his designs. His website is

Bella has some more stuff on him here and some of his work is available here.

Address: Adebayo Jones, 35 Connaught Street, London , W2 2AZ

I know some people are like hang on, hang on, how about Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi, Fred Eboka, Teddy Legbedion and Patrick Osaghae, Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah?! Well they are grrrreat designers too but perhaps not the most influential so moving on:

8. Folake Folarin-Coker of Tiffany Amber

She is the daugter of billionaire, Chief Bode Akindele. Although she studied as a lawyer, her heart was very much with fashion.

She started Tiffany Amber and her first public display was at a Fashion Show at The Flamingos, Victoria Island and her career sky rocketed from there. Her new pret-a-porter ready-to-wear lines fly off her shelves at The Palms in Lekki and also her shop in V/I.

Personally, I have seen her designs and can vouch for them. She is business-minded and always ahead of the game.

Her pull factor is her knowledge of what works and what is important. Check out Bella Naija for more info.

Address: Tiffany Amber, The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki AND Musa Yar'Adua Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

9. Ade Bakare of Ade Bakare couture

He used to be a London-based couturier until he found himself in Ngeria'sl fashion industry. He is based both in Victoria Island, Lagos and also in Mayfair, London and also offers a personalized service with his clients.

He draws all his creations with coloured pencils and sketches before he cuts or sews in order for the client to visualize and watch the processes unfold right before them.

He relaunched himself in Nigeria earlier in March this year in a fashion show at The Lagoon restaurant, Victoria Island.

He has an eye for quality and standards and his pull factor is garnering a list among the best-dressed and his attention-to-detail without fail. More on him here

Address: Ade Bakare Couture, Muri Okunola str., Victoria Island.

10. Frank Osodi of Bunor Creazioni

He is a well respected fashion magnate and is apparently very "fatherly" to others in the fashion industry a someone they can run to. He designed the green dress Agbani wore at the Miss World, 2002 contest.

He is also a member of FADAN and his Bunor Creazioni designs have an ecletic mix. He also designed the African print A-line skirts at the City People Awards recently.

His pull factor is simplicity as well as being a gentleman with a smile and listening ears. His website is

Address: Bunor Creazioni, 57 Eric Manuel Crescent Off Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos Nigeria.

That's the fashion tribute in a nutshell!


Anonymous said...

wots this new fashion thing about ramarz?

Bella Naija said...

very informative aramide...
I've been searching for several things and u helped me find frank osodi's website...the link isnt working for me tho...

yeah...odio rocks! must people dont know her but her evening/formal wear is fab...

nice one mona

Lowla said...

Well done.. Godo job on the fashion updates..

zaiprincesa said...

YIPEEE!!!....more fashion....These people are doing big things oh! so proud of my fellow nigerians...and i especially love Tiffany Amber...a bit pricey, but very well worth it!...Thanks Mona

Pretty makes the day go faster said...

Odio is the truth-she did my sisters traditional wedding dresses and they were fiyah!

Dimples said...

Nice one the work of Tiffany Amber,Frank Oshodi,and Ade Bakare...i love Ade's couture outfits...he designed wedding/engagement dresses for both my aunt’s and I had to say they were FAB!!!(thought they cost quite a bit though…but I guess for that special day...all other excuses can go down the drain!!!!)

All great designers in their own right…you all keep up the great work.

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

as usual. a lot of good info. i wasnt aware of some of these fashion designer. i love what i have seen of Ade Bakares' clothing!

Aramide said...

Yea was surprised at all the info I found, there are many designers now, its good they are being recognised more. Big up Nigeria!

wumi.o said...

Good info on the designers but you need to spread your tentacles.There are a lot more nigerian designers doing great.Start by contacting FADAN..the professional body of Designers in

Unknown said...

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