Breaking news: Ekiti Gubernatorial Aspirant Assasinated!

Three weeks after the assassination of Funsho Williams, a gubernatorial aspirant in Ekiti state, Professor Ayo Daramola was on Monday morning shot dead in his home. Details of his death remain sketchy. Riots is said to have erupted in parts of the state. More on the story at the TimesofNigeria

God help us!!

Milklady update: Embellish'd

Please guys don't forget to buy your tickets. They've put so much effort into the fashion show its gonna be very unusual because they've used a lot of initiative and talent. I wouldn't miss it if I were you. You can contact them via:

Its at Regent Hall, Oxford Str - 23rd August, 2006.

p.s. If you're interested in sponsoring or donations or committments (e.g. makeup, lighting, music, food, etc) email them at embellished AT hotmail DOT com....its for a charitable cause and no donation is too small.

Embellish'd are in conjuction with UNICEF.

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Anonymous said...

what in the world is going on? A guy i dated got broken up with when he mentioned that he had plans to be a politician in Naija. its just too crazy!!

Anonymous said...

and why is rioting our response to EVERYTHING

Anonymous said...

Yoruba people are Just killing themselves... Greed!

soul said...

on politics.. I'm learning to keep schtum.
Now on to embellished. Nice indeed. But please next time they do an event advice them to get a webdesigner/developer who will give them decent advice. Their site is a businesses site, but it's all in flash! and their is no html option..

Abeg, tell them that their future webdesigner must be able not just to produce a website, but be able to do one that will embrace a widest possible reach, and that means flash only where necessary, that site doesn't even need it.
And since the flash 9 player is causing havoc on my lappy.. I can't bloody see anything.

Aramide said...

hmm i will advise them of this but to be honest as students they just got one of their fellow students to do it..."for charit", he issn't a professional unless you want to offer your highly skilled webdev services to them for free?

try and use another pc to view the site rather than damage ur lappy

soul said...

I see what you are saying,
but understand that if something is worth doing at all then it is worth doing well.
It being for charity doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done well abi? the site nah big part of their communication tool. Making it more accessible would not have been any more difficult.

I'm not saying this to make them feel bad, I'm saying this so that when they do this event next year (I'm wishing them success), they won't make this mistake again.