Bella Italia

First off, thanks guys for last week, I added a comment at the end of the forum.

A bit late but I had to mention the world cup, I would have thought soccer was slightly predictable (maybe cos I don't usually watch it) but that isn't what my fellow fans would say. This year's world cup was quite amusing and so many unforseen things happened. It was like a comedy to be honest. I'm not gonna go on about all the things but I have to add that I think Christiano Ronaldo is a hottie - a bit cocky but he's bonz men! Anyways, with regards to the final, Italy won but it was very sad to see how French captain Zidane's career ended (p.s. he was already at the end of the career but it was his violence on the pitch at the final that made it shameful).

Hmmm, when I think about it, thank God Zidane wasn't black because he is actually from Algeria! I mean, what if he were? We wouldn't hear the last of it, bad enough we have racism in soccer and so many other sports. Like how Spanish fans made monkey chants at black French players in Spain or when Kobe did it and they said it was the negr*id in him, so much racism everywhere, I don't think they even listen with things such as the let us fight racism approach they took at the world cup (see). So imagine if a black guy goes and does that? Oh dear.... maybe 'cos of that they would limit the number of black players any soccer team can have around the world (hmm what if they even do that already?) Or what do you soccer fanatics think? What are the most extreme cases of racism in sport? I don't know anything about American sports e.g. football and hardly know anything about B-ball except the hunky players. Holler back let me laugh please!

On another note, I was reading and browsing through one of my favourite websites, and I discovered some interesting stuff like an article about how the grass is not so green abroad contrary to popular Nigerian belief and reviews on the new Soul Lounge and also the open-mic session, Expressions at Tanjia every month - sounds great!


Dimples said...

Are u srious??? Is this MONA talking about footie....thank God someone caught the bug.

LondonBuki said...

Mona, why are you calling football. "soccer"????

Do u not live in London, no Americana moves abeg! It's those ppl that call it Soccer!


chrome said...

Cristiano Ronaldo is a *bleep* wimp. crying and diving all over the place. he should be shot lol!

buki abeg na soccer still. left the name alone.

Hmmm. football and racism. very deep topic. Read a post I dropped on racism during the World Cup. How our brethrens continue to play in countries like Italy and Spain I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Materrazi called Zidane the 'son of a terrorist whore'. 3 times. Also, if you look at the video, he appears to 'twittch' Zidane's nipples as well. If I was zidane, I'd have killed him.

Aramide said...

hmmm all very interesting....i had to call it soccer so our yankee ppl wd be able to differentiate

laspapi said...

you got me going with the Zidane thing.

First of all, I'm of the opinion Zidane's black so he stands on this side.

2ndly, did you notice the composition of the French Side? They had only two white players, Ribery and the keeper, Barthez,they'd take out a black player and replace with another black, that's a confident nation.

Let's look at...ahem, England. It could never happen. 'nough said.

As for Zidane's outburst, sometimes you have to fight when you're a man. That act did nothing to remove from the legacy he has left the great game.

I salute ZouZou.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with you on how Zidane's final appearance on the pitch looked like a disgraceful end to a sparkling career, don't you think the poor soul did what he did after much provocation from the Italian player?
Sometimes it takes a man to stand up rather than stoop down to insults on race, colour, creed. Does it make a difference he is not black? He is Algerian. He was treated with the kind of contempt that many other Africans, black or white, Arabs, Indians have to deal with in European countries on a daily basis. I know it is sometimes better to walk away. But who will do the 'head-butting' if we all walk away?

Anonymous said...

Well on the story, I call it the conspiracy to lie. And a lot more people are into it than one actually realises....

Anonymous said...

Simple. My sister recently relocated to Naija. Due to problems at home with parking she had to leave her car and go to VI. To avoid the traffic, she got on an okada from VI to take her to Ikoyi. En route, in the traffic an old school mate left her taxi to come and make sure it was my sister "who has been in jand all this while" on an okada! Its a mindset that is hard to beat. Unless of course you have thick skin ;)